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2400w – Fan Forced Oven Element (10252)

Fan Forced Oven Element – 2400w

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Oven fan forced element 2400watts 240volts to suit European ovens TECHNIKA BLANCO ILVE LINEA L196SS ROS1976 3581907-36/1 3130412 10252 IM31-01 A-458-34 TF6791R T433122 945540 5062R392 03450 1197784 FE-13 FE13 50 CIM31-01 3130412 R0S1976S 20.21693.010 3130410 3187660R 3447 5146R009 SE-103 E25 1101 1170000136 3130410 5146R009 9666 IM11-01 1170000703 IM11-01 N1170000136 800TMP P80LMP-1 600NMP EF6FI 964PCMP P906MP PD90BMP 864PCM/1 P90MP-1 BDO770X BDO522W BOSE162X BOSE164 BSO660X BSO650X BDO501 BMS601 BSO402 B59VTIP BMD701W BMD701X RF0807 RSO813 BSO660 BOSE160X BOST162 BSO401/601 BSO402W BOST162X BSO613 BSO640 BSO642 BSO665 P90wmp/1/W 600TLMP, P90CCMP P90FWMP 600TM D900TMP P90NMP/M, 948SX BAC47 MOFFAT BAKBAR ARISC00052663 “C00052663, ARISC00052663”,FM81RI IX. “WHIRLPOOL OVEN FAN FORCED ELEMENT 2300W PART NUMBER CROSS REFERENCE: IM11-01 4812 259 28839 481225928839 20.35389.000 WA481225928839 (Original was 3 ring – this is the replacement which is now 2 ring) RP100117

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