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2400w – Fan Forced Oven Element (203174)

Fan Forced Oven Element – 2400w

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Oven fan forced element 2300watt 240volts (without bolts) suits european brands ie. Smeg Omega AEG Technika Blanco Euromaid Kleenmaid Franke Europa ANDI ASX4 Blanco Suitable to replace 1900watt – 2600watt fan forced elements – will not affect cooking times or temperatures. Part number cross references 203174 20.41212.000 R2100001 R2100008 VX110000, 806890397 806890355 03432 FE-06 , 040125009903R 10110492 00203174 SE115 SA360X 60-1 9303370000 candy 91200888 374 03432 3130406 03800 03800 3432 000715V 040199009932R 2323261R 040199009950R XS9303370300 R2100008 FE-06 FE06 20.41212.000 9303370300 GRIVVX110000S 10403 IM51-02 20.41212.000 20.40901.020 3130406 10110510 IM51-03 DA007 EU016 619008 GRI91022 10110492 1011510 IM51-02 IM21-03 806890237 40743725 5083 VX110000S 20.41212.000 20.40901.020, 3130406 1040391022 1022 9303370300 1022 91022 1350 3273980 IM51-02 VX110000 HVX110000S 2041212 0001439 SA280X/1 SA9065XS1 SA9065 SA310W SA310X SA306X SA710X SA310X-5 SA20XMFR SDO12-5 SA22XMF-5 SA305X-5 SA310X-6 SA995XR OA442 OA202W OA252X GHE06TW BSO6sa707 BSO6000X BSO630 BFS60NXFF OA602 BSO60X BOSE65 BSO610X BOSE960X BSO632X BSO600X BMS755X BMS604 BOSE63X BOSE633X BSO633X BMS751X BFS120X OA44W-1 ALT TO 2100w IRCA 8147R953 1505TIWH 1515TISS MFSS8 OMF6020 OMF6021 CIM51-03 SA398X 2200W BSO635 RMF907 RSOEX BOSGG611 BOSGG65X AFPH303FX EFS60MSS EM90SS EF60CSS BE360FF4XS BE60SS4X BSO60000 BFS60WXFF BSO6020 BSO612 BSO622 OE604XP BSO6330X BSO6350 BOSE960 OMF6022 KCOMF6011S DOMFP-6SS RE0792/4 SE111 BAC83 OE604XP BE360FF4XS GAGGENAU EB140 ELE039 ELE3801 DOFF-6SS BSO60W EOSGSS BOSE635X OA202 DP70MF8X OE606X SDO12 OO652XB 3 Ring 0056R738 7288R326, DOMFP/6, DOMFP6, FE-08 IM51-02 2200W BOSE65X OE604X da007, OE604GG BMS604X 10403 E800B 2300W 240V 3Ring 0056R738,10759, OO654XN BOSE605X BOSE607M BOSE607X BOSE609T BOSE651X BOSE652X BOSE65M BOSE65XM BOSE65XP BOSE665X BOSE667X BOSE67M BOSE67XP BOSE69TX BOSE69X BOSE709M BOSE79X BOSE97X BOSE99XP NPO60 NPO75 NPO90 OO612XN OO652XB OO652XR OO655X OO656X OO657X OO65SXR OO686X OO687X OO712XN OO712XR OO757X OO761XA OO761XN OO761XR OO845WR OO885XR OO887XN OO912XN OO971XN OO986X VOV2 105319 RP060117

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