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3000w – Fan Forced Oven Element 3x Ring (10485)

Fan Forced Oven Element – 3000w (3x Ring)

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La Germania, Baumatic,Damani, Bertazzoni ,Linea LIF90EG, oven fan forced element tripple ring short neck 3000watts 240volts Part number cross reference: B606045, 606045 ,XBER606045,1350R823 IRCA, 10485 Suits models: LUEP51-90-S,LUE03-90-SNG, GEF90EG vef90eg H95C61X D95C60W,OMEGA OF991XS,OF991XP LA GERMANIA ELEMENT FAN FORCED 3000W TRIPLE RING 10485 3130445 10485, IM101-02, IM101-02 LUE02-90-SNG P/N: B606045 NLA 4062308R IRCA R318542/14 IRCA B606045 2155405R 4062308R 606043 606045IM101-02 10485 ,BAF92EG, 4062308R IRCA B606045 2155405R 4062308R 606043 606045 10485La Germania Oven M/N: R95C60X P/N: B606045 Baumatic F/Standing Oven GEF91EG P/N: 606045 Baumatic oven: BAF92EG , BK2460SS, BAF91EG, BAF92EG , DA91EG GEF91EG, M8060WOKXELE SC90ELE C95C61XNG LUE01-90 LUE01-90-SLP LUE02-90-SLP LUEP01-90-SNG LUE02-90-WNG, P/N: 606045 IM101-02,BERTAZZONI LIF90EG, DAF90EG,BERTAZZONI LARGE OVENS, M9060W0KXELE IM101-02, 606045, VEF90EG,R95C60X, GLO101-02 GL0101-02, OF991XP, OF991XS, OF991XSA, DAF90EG DAF91EG , BAF91EG, DAF91EG, LUEP-02-90-S, LUEP0290S, EG3019

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