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Ezystrut Tray – Ezytray & Accessories

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  • CFCT...

    CT & ET Flat Cover

    Call for Price

    Flat Cover to suit Perforated (CT) and Ezytray (ET)

  • SBH

    Cup Head Bolt

    Both Items are ordered separately.
    EzyStrut Splice Bolts have a smooth head to eliminate the risk of sheathing the cable during installation.

  • ETHD


    Call for Price

    Hold Down Bracket to suit EZYTRAY
    The Hold Down Unit is used to secure the EzyTray cable tray to a length of strut/channel. Always use in pairs on opposite sides of the tray, and secure an EzyTray at least twice along its length. ETHDG ETHDH

  • ETRP


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    Radius Plate to suit EZYTRAY
    Use the radius plate to create a bend in your length of EzyTray cable tray. A video demonstration on how to create bends in cable tray is available in our Media Centre. ETRPG ETRPH

    Nominal length 2.0 metres.
    Order fasteners separately for installation.
    Approximate length required to make a 150 radius bend

  • ETRL


    Call for Price

    Riser Line to suit EZYTRAY
    Riser Links are used to create a riser or vertical bend in a length of EzyTray. ETRLG, ETRLH

    6x Riser Links required to perform a 90 degree set.

    Order fasteners separately for installation (per riser link):
    2x SBH
    2x CNH

  • ETS


    Call for Price

    Splice Plate to suit EZYTRAY
    Splice Plates are used to join 2 lengths of tray together, and are installed on the inside of the trays’ side wall. ETSG, ETSH

    2x Splices per length of tray.

    Order fasteners separately for installation (per splice plate):
    2x SBH
    2x CNH



    Tee/Cross Bracket to suit EZYTRAY
    The TX Tee/Cross bracket is used to create tee or cross style joins between lengths of EzyTray. ETTXH

    2x TX Brackets required to make a tee, and 4 required to make a cross.
    Order fasteners separately for installation (per TX Bracket):
    4x SBH
    4x CNH

  • CNH

    Flange Nut HDG

    Both Items are ordered separately.
    Purpose made Counterbore Nuts ensure that full tension is achieved during installation.