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B&R Polynova Enclosures

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    The Polynova PC is a cost effective, non-metallic enclosure suited to environments requiring a higher IP rating. It has a unique feature in that its depth can be increased using a spacer section between the body of the enclosure and the lid.

  • PD...


    The Polynova PD is a plastic, double insulated, hinged door enclosure. The enclosures are manufactured from self extinguishing glass reinforced polyester (fibreglass), for superior mechanical protection. Insulated mounting pans are supplied as standard for easy installation of equipment. Suitable for a variety of general electrical applications.

  • PJ...


    The PJ Series is an adaptable thermoplasic enclosure designed to house terminations and electrical components in individual boxes or assembled into mini banks for low voltage control and distribution applications.

  • PM...


    Polynova PM has been designed for use as individual enclosures or arranged in a wide range of combinations to form complete distribution banks, which can be easily extended, even during operations. The modular system also supports the modification of enclosure depth without compromising the IP rating, with the addition of spacers.

  • PN...


    The Polynova PN is a hinged, non-metallic enclosure, with an easy to use latch assembly that makes access easy. This feature makes it ideal for systems that require regular access or maintenance. Constructed from polyester, the Polynova PN is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • PS...


    The Polynova PS is a high performance, non-metallic enclosure system that is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications including use in full sunlight. This enclosure suits applications that require a higher IP rating and can typically be used to house terminations, signal infrastructure, pushbuttons and switchgear.