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The season will commence on RD1 of the NRL season
Normal NRL season rounds only (no rep games, no finals)
Tips must be entered prior to kick-off of each round.
Late tips will be accepted, however you will only score points for games not already started.


1 point for correct pick
2 bonus points if you pick all games in the round correctly
5 bonus points if you pick a draw after golden point (ie. 1pt correct pick + 4pt for it being a draw)
Double points for your JOKER round (you only get 1x JOKER Round)
No tips handed in results in Mark’s score for that round -2pt (this is determined by the best looking RJAN member from the previous year)

Joker round:

Each tipster receives 1 x JOKER round, which can be used in any round from 1 to 25.
You will receive double points during this round.
Note you only get 1 for the whole season, hence use it wisely.
The JOKER round will NOT be automatically applied to the last round if you do not take it prior


1st place: $1000
2nd place: $200
3rd place: A second chance next year…
* A draw will result in a split prize pool

How to submit your tips:

Each week I will email out the round (to the email you supply on the registration form)
All you have to do is REPLY to the email with your select your teams for that round
Email – mark@rjan.com.au

Can a Manly supporter win the comp:

No one likes Manly!!!!