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2000w – Fan Forced Oven Element with Bolts (KM77X2277)

Fan Forced Oven Element – 2000w (with Bolts)

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KLEENMAID OVEN FAN FORCED ELEMENT 2000WATTS 240VOLTS PART NUMBER CCM002830,77X2277ORG 77X2277 KM77X2277 00203187 7365-1241 IM81-02 3130428 7865-1241 81040 00203187 ETA41.11.622.0 41.11.622.0 20.35202.000 81040 7865-1241 FE-13 GLO-810 GLO810 KM77X2277ORG 3130428 XEFE01B KM3130428 KM77X2277M SUITS MODELS: BOSEP168X BODE26X1 BODE26X2 BOSE166W BOSE166X2 BOSE168X BOSE69PX1 BOSE68X BOSE67X1 BOSE67X , GLO81-02, BLANCO 2150W 230V BODE26X1 BODE26X2 BOSE166W BOSE166X2 BOSE168X BOSE69PX1 EMIC800x to60w to60b to60x to50w to50b to50x, to50x1, -series 1 to70w to70x series1 to70w series1 to70w series2 to70x series3 to700a to700a1 to700x to700x1 to700x2 to701x to701x1 to701x2 to701a RP310117 BOSE617X

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