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2200w – Fan Forced Oven Element with Bolts (10758)

Fan Forced Oven Element – 2200w (with Bolts)

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SMEG OMEGA BLANCO EURO TECHNIKA EUROMAID BAUMATIC ANDI EUROPEAN OVEN FAN FORCED ELEMENT 2200W 240V / 2100W 230V WITH THREADED BOLTS ON MOUNTING PLATE. CONCEPT PART NUMBER CROSS REFERENCE: 806890217 10758 20.4655.000 10110406 TG524022100 481686 3130423 482589 E002040655000 CIM21.01 806890355 EF20.40655.000 IM21-01 20.40696.000 EU096 6160R189 481686S 313045 524221 E002040655000 EF20.40655.000 6160R 189 EG10403 524221 0524022100 I524022100 806890217S 806890237 806890397 BAC83 IM21.01 IM2101, 806890397S 19381A11X 19692S890R 3130406 3130415 3130415WS 10403 19381FS64 2040655 81005 461686 19381A11X 19692S890R 3130406 3130415 3130415WS 92501 IM51-02 20.40655.000 9322416022041 ST482589 ST481686 KMST481686 CON002 806890217B 3130447 (NEW) YT481686 (OLD) 8068903975, SA995XR, SFW600SS S481686F IOF6SE3 SA705X SA398X-5 EM60SS E7M6S BA2360SS EA600S EA605 EF60SS SIST1270 SFD600SS BSO60W SIST1920 OA3200W EF60CSS EF60WH EU6ECS GFS60MSS LUC600 OA20-1X SA708X-5 BOF6SE1 SA92MFX5, SA92MFX-5 GFS60MSS SA385X SIST197025W SA708X SA280X SA365X SA360X SA920MFW1 SA402X CSA196 FS64MF SA20XMF SA22XMF SA210X SA306X8 SA304X8 SA990XR SA398X CSA19X OA3200X OA20-1X OA64X OA25 OA44-1X OA3205 OF901XZ EPT600S8X EFS60C4ESS E7M6F E4F6S RET600S BK3000SS BA2850SS EF60CSS GFS60MSS IAG IOF6WE1 IAGI524022100 I524022100 BOF6SE1 IOF6SE2 IOF6WEI IOM6SE2 IOS6SE1,3130415 KM3130415,W60326 TE028 GHE06TW IAGI524022100 KM3130415 TE028 EA600S SA392EB SA905X S7F-4 S10FF-6 G10FF-4B G10FF-4C G10-FF-4T G10FF-6 G9F-4 S10FF-6V EA60W C3303M BK3000SS AFPH303EXG AFPH303SX AFPH303FX SA995XR, EU6EGS, SA301X-5

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