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2500w – Fan Forced Oven Element 3x Ring (9666)

Fan Forced Oven Element – 2500w (3x Ring)

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090X61, EM071,AL965EI2
Emilia Oven M/N: EN965EI P/N: 090X61 EM015 f/f element 2700W 090X61, EM072 AL965 EI2 AL965EI2 EL865 P/N: 090X61 f/f element 2700W””””bs6fs,Replacement oven fan forced element triple ring/coil with long neck 2500watts 240volts to suit European ovens ie. TECHNIKA ILVE BLANCO ARISTON GLEM LINEA EMILIA BAUMATIC VENINI DELONGHI LOFRA HIGHLAND WHIRLPOOL VENINI and many more.

Part number cross reference: B60102 IM11-01 3447 A141180 C141180 1170000703 1170000136 03010462 , 481225928839 3130424 3130417 481925928682 203165 3447 3130417 11700007033 50025701-009 20.21693.010 3570039010 ZN1421 B210 1170000590 1170000548 1170000776 1170000146 91942923 GLO-69 3130410 0792419 IM11-01 LOF017 BMTX1170000136

Notes: For Ariston part number A141180 the original element is 2800watts however can be replaced with 2500watts.

Models: Technika V60FSS-2 TB60F-SS B50STIP/1 B59MTI B59MTI/1 B59FTI/1 B59FTI/2 B59VTIP B59FTI B59STI/1 B59FTV1 B59PTIP TB90F GHE09TP T948 T888MGX BAUMATIC B600 BAF9008 BA700SS BA1872SS BAO6005 BA07006-P BA1802SS BFS95FFF IT965PROE12 Ariston MB91(IX) Linea L156SS L186SS Emilia Glem EF6F1 EF6FIDG F6VPI Venini VFF06SS VO6FPS VEO60001 P/N: 1170000703 Lofra LEF9EGP,L006001,Highland HC01-SS Whirlpool AKG659/01IX 6AKG637/IX BLANCO 203165 3447 3130417 11700007033 50025701-009 20.21693.010 3570039010 ZN1421 B210 BA187SS 1170000136 , 11700007033 ,1170000551,1170000590 1170000548 1170000703 1170000776 1170000146, 91942923 GLO-69 ,,3130410 0792419 IM11-01 LOF017 BMTX1170000136 2141 525 IRCA 2044132R 2044 132R CIM11-01 50027701-00/9 ILVE L1562w 3130410 05141180

4819 259 28682 WA481925928682 x1170000551 MIELE Oven M/N: VFF06SS P/N: IM11-01 300344 ROBINHOOD OBC605K57SS DELONGHI LOFRA HIGHLAND WHIRLPOOL and many more.

Part number cross reference: 500630 481225928839 3130424 481925928682

Models: ILVE JC80LM,JC80JM, LI86WW L1562W L196FS L56.2SS CP859MT Emilia Glem EF6F1 EF6FIDG F6VPI LOO6001 BOSE75X lofra lpf9eg
DAMANI DGEUCCT900SS PACINI Oven M/N: PAO6001 PAO590051 P/N: 6003 x1170000703 b59ft1/1 IOD6SE SFF06SS PA0590051 L156.3W LEF8EGSS, DFF6.6SS, DMF9SS, AMI9R, DOFF6-5SS, DOFF6.2SS, B59PTVI B59MT/1 B59ST1P/1 B59VI B52FFI BT1900TW L156W L156W CP859MTXAUS S59FTI WKE900 BA180255 BA896SS BA191SS-A VFF06FS SM70355 SM703SS DOFF6-2SS,50025701-00/9,bdo502w, BAF9006-2 L156SS BPPG90SS (nowBA89S)”””, PDE90NMP,3130421, D9EGSS, EMILA, GLEM 09H687, V60FSS-2, 629006, 3130410, km3130410, im91-05, 119105, EM011 GC-436-09H687 IM1101 KM3130417 MI020, L186.2SS, N1700009 Element Fan Forced Nobel 2300W 230V N1700009 1170000009 1170000525 2201-W DB5 , DI865EI-2, IM11-01 IM51-01 N170000009 N170000525 0113093,0113093, TUS007,NT97,090×61,EVERDURE ATLAN ATORH01

436-09H687,G\G,554-1170000136,5541170000136, GC436-09H687, LEISURE RANGE MASTER 00203165 6AKG659IX 5090R963IRCA, 50025701009

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