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2400w – Fan Forced Oven Element (1976)

Fan Forced Oven Element – 2400w

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Chef oven fan forced element 2400w 240v suits older Chef oven series Part number cross reference: 1976 36758 FV690000 56331 FB690000 10307 2828H 56331 5824 21-2562-425 2824 ES4327 56331 3130403 FV690000 TF6791 FE-001 SE109 03439 36758 FE01 GRI91024 FB6900 1024 03439 36758 FE08 FE01 GRI91024 FE-08 3130421 9954 56331S 91024 0122830009 02828 1976H 2824 2828 2828H 3130400 9954 FE-001 FE-01 FV690000 FV690000/S 143957 er142 km3130403 AMBASSADOR BALMAIN BANQUET BARONESS INTEGRA CLASSIC CONCORDE CONDOR VULCAN CONSTELLATION CORONET COUNTY DELAWARE ELEVATED EXECUTIVE FAMILY FINESSE DUO GLENDALE DELUXE HERITAGE PREMIER MAGIC MARQUIS MONTE CARLO NORFOLK PARISIENNE REGAL RIVOLI SAPPHIRE SIROCCO SOCIETY SOLITAIRE SELECT SPRINGBROOK STARFIRE SUPREME ULTIMATE FB6900 TF6791 BDW522W BAC24 ES4327 FE-001 FE-01 FV690000 FV690000/S SE109 TF6791 143957, er142,km3130403, FEO2MFSS, RP060117

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