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RD01 – RJAN Footy Tipping 2022

What a way to welcome back the footy season for 2022 with a heap of upsets… like “upset Roosters fans” and “upset Eagles fan”!! Both sitting at the bottom of the ladder where they belong!

I’ll give myself an honorable mention this week only bagging 1 game from the 8 on offer. Sorry for anyone who didn’t put their tips in this week as you will get my score -2… but don’t worry I’d never put you into negative (unless you deserved it)

We have a 6 way tie on 7 points for 1st place with CLIVE POWELL, ERIN J. LIVET, JENN STEVENS, MITCH BRAY, STEVE HODSON and TYRON PAUL all dropping just the one game

For those of you who are NEW or you support the STORM please make sure you read the rules HERE. Also keep in mind this tipping comp is all done manually so if you do on the off chance find a discrepancy (probably ticked off by someone else if there is) please just email me and I will fix it up.

Good luck this week!

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