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RD25 – RJAN Footy Tipping 2021

Unlike his beloved Raiders, RYAN GUIHOT (162) came good at the right end of the season! The writing was practically on the wall before kick off with the top 3 tipsters all taking the same. Although a perfect round would have seen RAY POWDITCH (159) also the same tips but with joker in hand) clutch victory… Lucky for RYAN hes was just bad enough to take out the prestigious 1st place bragging rights and claimed the $1000 prize pool.

KIAH OCKERBY (161) looked the likely suspect to stroll past the post after leading since round 10. However the fairy tail was not to be, with what I can only describe as “karma” for being a Manly supporter! While she was pipped at the post, she still managed to take out 2nd place for $200

A massive thank you goes out to MADISON EXPRESS as always for getting behind the RJAN Tipping comp. Each year we seem to grow (over 195 people this year, aiming for 200 next year) and Madison is a huge part of that. Without them the RJAN Footy Tipping Comp would not be the juggernaut it is today… I mean sure I’d probably have a little more free time of a Monday/Tuesday morning but we would definitely not have such a lucrative first prize ($1000) for a Free tipping comp. So please show them some love and support… its even good to see RAY POWDITCH commit to finishing something other than ANTHONY SALVEMINI sentences. Honourable mention goes to BRIDGETTE BECVAROVSKI (148) for sneaking past PAUL CORBETT (147) at the finish line. Don’t worry PAUL I’m sure BRIDGETTE will hardly mention it between now and next year 😉

JAMIE HAWES’s claim of back to back victories fell well short… another participation award for the trophy cabinet though so its not all bad.

Speaking of going back to back SHAUN McELLIGOTT takes out last place for the 2nd year running. I’ve never seen someone try to hard to fail (using a “draw” loop hole to get his score as low as possible)… mate just be yourself and it will come naturally…

Thanks for a stellar year! As always I’ve loved the banter, especially the “love” and “support” I get shown week-in/week-out from the “special” Manly supporters (although the Roosters supporters seemed just as bad this year). Hope to see you all back next year.