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2200w/750w – Dual Ceramic Hotplate (FP531120P)

Dual Ceramic Hotplate – 2200w/750w

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COOKTOP DUAL ROUND ELEMENT ST GEORGE St George ceramic cooktop round dual hotplate element 2200/750watts 240volts Part number cross reference: 1112 1196 1197 FP531120P 10.51211.003 Models: fec cc902 cc382a cc802 fec6 cc355 fec2 fec3 fec4 fec7 CC38-2AS CC355S CC382S CC382AS CC600 CC602 CC605 CC605DS CC80 CC800 CC802 CC802B ch600ce CC802S CC802W CC805 CC805DS CC902S uec7 ueccombi7 Also suits Westinghouse phh284u pah808w COOKTOP DUAL ROUND ELEMENT EGO 210/120 FP531120P 1112 10.51211.003 532697P 60.25171.009 60.25173. 00910.51211.003, 10.51211.003, 10.51211.003, 531120P, 532697P, 60.25171.009, 60.25173.009, FP531120PBlanco Cooktop M/N: CMTC40GS P/N: EF10.51211.003, PHH284U”, ST GEORGE COOKTOP HOTPLATE ELEMENT 210/220MM 2200W PART NUMBER CROSS REFERENCE: KM1112 1112 1112 532697 cc60-2 cc602, PHH285S, 210-120mm 21041 9675 10.51211.003 9675 9796 erm022 erm041 erm072 fp355556 fp531120 fp531120p fp532061 10.81261.034,23042497C611, 9675, 230t4123c610 41255 0122004422,41255,41941, ERM022 erm041 823318 355556 fp531120 531120 3130508 element dual w/house cooktop model thh284u p/n nz75123 also model phdy564cb phh285k 3130521 element dual chef c/top model ehcfhsw p/n 531120p US 5393958, PHH284U, EHC640U

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