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RD02 – RJAN Footy Tipping 2022

The first JOKERS are out!!! No I’m not talking about MITCHELLE SESSIONS and his ridiculous hair cut… I’m talking about MARK SMITH (1st place) and NOEL McCAULEY (2nd place) both taking their double points round this week! Normally leading this early on is never a good thing but MARK SMITH is an RJAN Tipping Original and has also taken out top honors, if anyone can do it, its him!

GERALD BAGATELLA and RAY POWDITCH take out the first perfect rounds of the season. Its probably the first time that their name and the words “perfect” have been mentioned in the same sentence so it might be worth getting a screen shot of this one to make it last longer.

Special mention this week goes out to all the Manly supporters, I know in the past I’d kick you while your down… but 2022 is a new year, new me! To prove it to you I’ve done a bit of research to help get your season back on track

STEP 1 – Raise the ladder to reach something lucrative

STEP 2 – Set the ladder at a 75° so your goal destination “seems” more achievable

STEP 3 – Check the rungs to make sure there are no unwanted obstacles or crap that could impede your climb

STEP 4 – Make sure the top of the ladder is secure/solid

STEP 5 – Climb the ladder maintaining three points of contact. 

Good luck this week!