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RD17 – RJAN Footy Tipping 2022

Origin done and dusted… no more needs to be said although it just goes to show two heads must be better than one…

This week sees MICHELLE STOKES etched into the RJAN Tipping record books after getting a PERFECT round… on her JOKER… While this has been done many times over its the first time someone has accomplished it on a SHORT round. I can only assume this tactic is a last ditch effort to chase down SHAUN McELLIGOTT??

Mean while LUKE SWETNAM took full advantage of the bonus points on offer in the short round and surge ahead with a 2 point buffer over 2nd place JOEL PURCELL and WILL BLACK. However JOEL GRAINGER is lurking in the shadows, only 5 points of the pace with JOKER still in hand… he might be a real threat?!

Good luck with week!