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Infinite Control 13a (7405)

Infinite Control – 13a

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COOKTOP TEMPERATURE INFINITE CONTROL SWITCH SIMMERSTAT 13A PART NUMBER CROSS REFERENCE: 1236 DL050033 534-1-596 0534001566 50.56078.007 0534777597 3070509 EF21 0534001596 015500 TC0001 3070509A M553-14 EF21 015500 TC0001 7405 1236 use 3070509 deo2a fed3b fe904b cc802 cc602 cc603 cr60 cd60wok2as uec6 50.56078.007S ERM127 KM3070509 3070509 ROBTS0007 TS0007 TS0002 GRI50.56078.007 M6T WOODSON CMEL-0285 CMEL0285 50.56078.007 WOD001 WGLI75 WGLS30,STARLINE SUPER TOASTER, CMEL.0285 LEHS60 ST GEORGE: cc600 cc800 deo1a deo2a fec3 fec4 fed3b fed3a fe904a fe904b fed3s cc60 cc603 cd60wok2a ex60 cs60 cs90 dcc60b uec6 uec7 ueccombi7 cb355d cc602 es60 deo2 CB382AS CC382S CC382AS CC80 CC802 CC802B CC802S CC802W CC902S CD60 CR602B CR602W CR90 CR902B CR902W DCE60S DEOM9 ER60 ER90 ES60 ES90 WEOM9 fer fer2 fer2 fes deo2b FEC4 FEC AUSTHEAT AHT860 NEW ST GEORGE 8700100PS 8700100L/R P/N 1236 ST GEORGE RETRO CONVERSION KITS: S15174S S15174W S15177S S15178S S15136S S15136W S15136B S15174B Active -P 1 Neutral – 4 Element Load – 2 Pilot – P1 & P2 Knob to suit is 7405K ***MUST ALSO GET CENTRE MOUNT ADAPTOR KIT – 55.169.003K***” rp06/17

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