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Mains-powered ionisation smoke alarm that can be interconnected with up to 18 other mains alarms, be they ionisation, optical or heat. Once interconnected, the detection of the relevant danger by an individual unit will sound across all the connected alarms.

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Interconnect with up to 18 hard-wired alarms – all alarms sound if danger is detected
Alarm memory – identifies source unit within interconnecting network
Reduced energy consumption – lower lifetime running costs
Combined Hush/Test button allows regular testing of alarm function and can be used to temporarily silence nuisance alarms
Auto reset after activation
Tamper-resistant locking device prevents unauthorised removal without the use of a tool
Mains operation – 9V Alkaline back-up battery supplied as standard

Ionisation alarms are for use in areas where there is danger from fast-flaming fires.
This mains-powered unit complies with AS 3786:2014 standard and should be installed by
a qualified electrician. It can be used throughout the home, except in the kitchen where
a Heat alarm is recommended.


Feature Description
Model OG10
Power Supply 240V mains-powered with 9V Alkaline battery back-up
Temperature Range 0ºC to + 40ºC
Humidity Range Up to 93% Relative Humidity (RH) non-condensing
Storage and Transport -20ºC to +60ºC and 5–95% relative humidity (RH) non-condensing
Alarm Dimensions 127 x 127 x 39mm
Bracket Dimensions 133 x 133 x 6mm
Alarm Weight 231g
Warranty 10 years
Approvals AS 3786:2014

Part: OG10