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RD04 – RJAN Footy Tipping 2022

LIAM DAVINO (1st place), STEVE JONES (2nd place) and GAVIN FARHAM (somewhere on page 14) all picking up 14 points with their jokers, great effort! An easy round for some but not for this weeks STAR – ZAC SWAN… “can a drummer really be a star??” I hear you ask??… well I’m glad you asked Timmy… No, No they can’t… but a star was the closest thing I could think of with 6 points… just like ZAC after his double point JOKER round!

It’s the game of the year this round as the Good Guys (Knights) take on the Ultra Mega SCUM (Eagles). Please all sledges and wagers must be submitted before kickoff tomorrow night!

Good luck this week (unless you tipped Manly of course)