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RD20 – RJAN Footy Tipping 2020

A lifetime of participation awards are now behind him and he finally has significant accomplishment to call his own, JAMIE HAWES has taken out first place in the RJAN Footy Tipping Comp on 132 points! $1000 in his back pocket should more than cover his Physio bill from puffing his chest out since round 17, might need to wait till next years comp for that ego reduction surgery though. Congrats again on a season well fluked!

In 2nd place we have a 3 way tie on 128 points between JULIAN NISBET, PAUL ARNOLD and the self-proclaimed “peoples champ” MARK WELLHAM! Being the top bloke I am, I have decided to forfeit my share of the winning which would see the $200 2nd place prize split between the 2. As always I will still keep my bragging rights #inyourface

A massive thank you goes out to MADISON EXPRESS as always for getting behind the RJAN Tipping comp. Each year we seem to grow (over 190 people this year) and Madison is a huge part of that. Without them the RJAN Footy Tipping Comp would not be the juggernaut it is today… I mean sure I’d probably have a little more free time of a Monday/Tuesday morning but we would definitely not have such a lucrative first prize ($1000) for a Free tipping comp. So please show them some love and support… or at least remind ANTHONY SALVEMINI how good the Cowboys went this year. Both PAUL CORBETT and ANTHONY SALVEMINI finishing respectively on 121 point, not far off the lead at all!

While there is only prize money for first and second place there always others that need to be acknowledged for their “efforts” throughout the season…

The BRONCOS award goes to SHAUN McELLIGOTT who set a record low 65 points. By far the worst performance I’ve ever seen in a comp… Ever… but still better than one of JAMIE HAWES participation awards…

The STORM award goes to TONY REHBEIN for the biggest cheat trying pull the wool over our eyes by taking a 2nd JOKER… the week after he took his first JOKER… what a scum bag… might as well give him the MANLY award too

The KNIGHTS award goes to ALLAN “AVERAGE” WELLS… there is no reason behind this award besides knowing the pain it will bring him to have any association with the KNIGHTS.

Yet again RJANs very own logistics manager CAMERON TUCK and janitor LACHY McDERMOTT went neck and neck all season. They both finished on 111 points, however after a late RJAN tipping judiciary hearing yesterday, LACHY McDERMOTT has been found guilty of a grade 1 reckless haircut resulting in a 3 point deduction.

Thanks for a stellar year! As always I’ve loved the banter, especially the “love” and “support” I was shown when leading the comp, especially from the manly supporter! Hope to see you all back next year.