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RD20 – RJAN Footy Tipping

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All eyes were on CHRIS SOMERVILLE this week being one of the only tippsters in the top 20 that hadn’t taken his JOKER. With a substantial 12 points hall he jumped to equal 3rd place! However more impressive is his journey of redemption. Chris first joined the RJAN Tipping Comp back in 2013 when he was at rock bottom (aka a Manly supporter) however in 2017 he turned his life around and pledged allegiance to the Newcastle Knights. Now in 2019 hes ranked 3rd in the RJAN tipping comp! Whats next for Chris? Who knows?! The sky’s the limit… maybe president or even first place in the RJAN tipping comp. Only time will tell… Please if you are a Manly supporter, you too can turn your life around with our simple one step program #helpisontheway

Good luck this week!