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Hotwater Thermostat 60-80C ECO 88C (ST1205)

Hotwater Thermostat 60-80C ECO 88C

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Robertshaw surface mount eco electric hot water heater thermostat with adjustable temperature range 60-80 degrees Celsius and built in manual reset over temperature cut-out. Suits most modern electric hot water heater systems with single element or can be used in conjunction for dual element hot water heater systems. This hot water thermostat replaces the old EWT series thermostats (grey body)

6060606 ST12-80KS ST1205113 ST12-80 W1M2/80 W1M-80 1317214 GRIST12-80 EWT1L2-80K WIM280 20431-3 ST1205 051314 052015 W1M2-80 ST12-80 ST1205 ST1205113, ST1204113 ST1205134 EWT1L2-501 EWT1L2-5018 EWT1L2-503 EWT1L2-513 EWT1L2-513K EWT1L2-518 EWT1L2-518D EWT1L2-501N EWT1L2-80K EWT1L2-80KS EWT1L2-513N EWT1L2-513W2L EWT1L2-518B1 W1M2501 W1M25018 W1M25069 W1M25069K W1M25069KE W1M25069KS W1M2503 W1M2513 W1M25130 W1M2518 W1M2518B1L EWT1L2-544 ES4316 RP090117

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