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Hotwater Thermostat 60-82C 30a (20433-3-1)

Hotwater Thermostat 60-82C 30a

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Universal surface mount electric hot water thermostat to suit single element hot water systems.

Adjustable temperature range from 60 to 82 degrees celcius

Includes manual reset over temperature safety cut-out.

Part number references: W1M280 20433 20433-3-1 20433-3-2 20431-3 20433-3S GRI20433-320433-3-2 20431-3 6060607 20433-3S GRI20433-3 20433-3-1 cs/1076/s cs1076s H204 1060604 TEXAS HWE601 H204 6060607WS DY399-31 DY399-32 DY399-33 DY399-34 DY39931 DY39932 DY39933 DY39934 HWS001 20431-3S ES5414 6060607 KM6060607 RP0317

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