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Pit Lids to suit PIT99

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PIT99_LID_ELECT – Polycrete 2 part Lid Elect. (Class A) (ACO#: 75541)
PIT99_LID_COMMS – Polycrete 2 part Lid Comms. (Class A) (ACO#: 75532)
PIT99_LID_STEEL – Steel 2 part Lid Blank (Class B) (ACO#: 79920)
PIT99_LID_STEEL_SD – Steel 2 part Lid Solid Blank (Class D) (ACO#: 89955)
PIT99_LID_STEEL_RD – Steel 2 part Lid Recessed Blank (Class D) (ACO#: 89093)
PIT99_LID_STEEL_RG – Steel 2 part Lid Recessed Blank (Class G) (ACO#: 87568)

Lid Class

Class A (330kg), Class B (2,670kg), Class D (8,000kg), Class G (30,000kg)

Lid Label

Blank, Communication, Electrical


Recessed, Solid

Part: N/A Category: