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RD02 – RJAN Footy Tipping 2021

Being a Knights support during the last few years has been tough but this week has brought a whole new meaning to the word “disappointment” and no I’m not talking about Manlys form (they are over performing in my eyes) I’m talking about every tipster, including (and especially) myself in the RJAN Footy Comp letting me down! How we let MICHELLE STEPHENS back at the top of the leader board is beyond a disgrace and we only have ourselves to blame. We have brought shame and dishonor to tipping syndicates everywhere… Radical action needs to be taken, so I am issuing a bounty of 1,000 imaginary points for the first person to knock her off her perch! Disclaimer: Please do not physically hurt MICHELLE, the points are only imaginary… if she is still leading next week real point might be on offer 😉

Back to back perfect rounds see DONNA BURTON and MICHAEL NEWTON standing tall above the rest of the pack. I might have to look through the archives but don’t think its ever been done before in the RJAN Tipping Comp. No pressure but you’re on track for a perfect season… hate to see you stuff it up now! Although it wouldn’t be the first time “the fame” of the RJAN Footy tipping has brought someone undone. Look at last years winner JAMIE HAWES, he can’t even get a perfect round! Useless!!! 😛

Good luck this week!

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