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RD16 – RJAN Footy Tipping 2020

JOSH BULLARD has now been crossed off the RJAN footy tipping “most dangerous” list after getting a sup-par 10 points with his joker this week. Once thought to be the man that could rattle the leaderboard (being so high up the leader board with joker still in hand) the RJAN Tipping comity has all but ruled him out as a suspect for first place. While no longer a threat to the RJAN Tipping comp, we do advise to keep your distance

PAUL ARNOLD stilling rocking the yellow jacket in first closely followed by JAMIE HAWES (1point) meanwhile SHAUN McELLIGOTT is proving he is the best and most consistent social distancer by staying as far away from first place as possible.

Good luck with week!