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RD13 – RJAN Footy Tipping 2020

Please anyone calling the office or emailing me there is no need to refer to me as CHAMP, LEADER, OH GREAT ONE or anything along those lines! I’m just a normal bloke trying to get by… I know you all want to congratulate me but there is just no need to celebrate the fact that you are all terrible tipsters compared to me 😉 Bring on the banter #ThisIsRigged #DoYouPutYourTipsInOnMondays #WhatATopBloke

Also a special mention to SHAUN McELLIGOTT who after 13 rounds has finally made it to the bottom of the leader board! TYSON CHAPMAN put up a good fight but in the end SHAUN just wanted it more.

Good luck this week (you all need it!)