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We are all to blame for the monstrosity that has unfolded… letting PETER “TRUCKIE” URANE (134 pts) win the 2019 footy tipping comp is by far the darkest day we have experiences since that year MICHELLE claimed 2nd place back in 2015. Although every cloud has a silver lining… surly the $1000 gets him one step closer to retirement and we won’t have to hear about it for too much longer! However at the end of the day I tip my hat to him, at 90 years old he did well just to remember to put his tips in each week let alone picking winners…


Always a bridesmaid, but never the Bride… GRANT MEAD (132 pts) takes to the 2nd place podium for the second time in the RJAN footy tipping comp history. GRANT finished one point behind 1st place back in 2013 and has been chasing glory ever since! The self proclaimed people champ MARK WELLHAM (132 pts) also finished in 2nd place but being the gentleman I am, I have forfeited my winning to GRANT, however I will keep the bragging rights #inyourface


A massive thank you goes out to MADISON TECHNOLOGIES as always for getting behind the RJAN Tipping comp. Each year we seem to grow (over 170 people this year) and Madison is a huge part of that. Without them the RJAN Footy Tipping Comp would not be the juggernaut it is today… I mean sure I’d probably have a little more free time of a Monday/Tuesday morning but we would defiantly not have such a lucrative first price ($1000) for a Free tipping comp. So please show them some love and support… or at least remind ANTHONY SALVEMINI how good the Cowboys went this year.

MICHELLE STEPHENS retains her “MICHELLE -2 pts” status for anyone who doesn’t put their tips in next year. This is awarded to the lowest ranking RJAN employee. Well done Michelle! While our logistics manager CAMERON TUCK and janitor LACHY McDERMOTT fought it out for bragging rights they ties on 115 pts, this invoked a Joker count back to see who won. CAMERON came out on top with 10 pts vs LACHY’s 6 pts… who was top dawg at your branch???

This year I also added “THE AVERAGE” to the final leader board… are you below average? Now you know!

And lastly but not least ROSS JOICE himself couldn’t crack the 100 club sitting on 97 pts… just thought id point that out for anyone who missed it!

Thanks for the great year! As always I’ve loved the banter, especially the “love” and “support” I was shown when leading the comp, especially from the manly supporter! Hope to see you all back next year.