RD02 – RJAN Footy Tipping Comp

Counting his chickens before they hatch, the RJAN Footy Tipping mole has reported seeing RD01 leader BILL GRAY splurging on exotic items like new golf shoes late last week. However BILL is one of many that have fallen victim to the fame that comes with leading the RJAN Tipping Comp and crumbled under the pressure. If you wish to donate any points to BILL to help him get back on his feet please let us know.

A fair few high scores this week with the first few perfect rounds (10 points) surfacing. The most notable one coming from CHELLE SMITH who has claimed the outright lead on 16 points. Well Done!

Good Luck this week!

Footy Tipping

The points are scored as follows:
– 1 point for correct pick
– 2 bonus points if you pick all games in the round correctly (Perfect Round)
– 2 bonus points if you pick a draw after golden point (ie. 1pt correct pick + 2pt for it being a draw)
– Double points for your JOKER round (you only get 1x JOKER Round)
– No tips handed in results in MICHELLEs score for that round -2pt

No, you will NOT be required to tip any rep games, origin games or finals.

FREE!!! The RJAN Footy Tipping Comp is FREE for all Electrical Wholesalers (1 entry per person).

The RJAN Footy Tipping comp will commence on Thursday 14th of March 2019 (Round 1) and will go for the full 26 rounds.

Write the word JOKER on your tips when you would like to use your double points round. However it may only be used once, so choose your round wisely.

The Prizes are as follows:
– 1st place: $1000
– 2nd place: $200
– 3rd place: A second chance next year…
* A draw will result in a split prize pool

Each week I will email out the round (to the email you supply on the registration form) All you have to do is select your teams and either send it back via Email / Fax / Website.
  Email – mark@rjan.com.au
  Website – www.rjan.com.au
  Fax – 02 4961 2498

No, noone likes Manly 😛

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