3PLM Test n Print Unit – 20Amp



The TnP-3PLM Test n Print unit provides similar functions of the TnT-3PLM-20Amp Portable Appliance Tester, but with the added features of a Test n Print Unit.

TnP-3PLM Test n Print unit, same functions as the TNT 3PLM
20 amp operation
Comes with scanner, keyboard , heavy duty transit case
20 amp load switching capability
Wavecom thermal transfer printer with custom configured tags
(1000 standard white labels)
Memory & WinPATS premium software
Optional wireless scanner available
Includes Free Lifetime Product Support
12 month calibration cerificate
24 month conditional warranty

After purchasing a Test and Print unit, please provide artwork to be loaded into the printer so you can begin tag printing out of the box. Artwork can contain a logo, logo and text, or just text depending on your requirements. Logos must be sent in a JPEG File format.