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Recommended for protection of personnel where there is a possibility of contact with electrical equipment or conductors in domestic, commercial and industrial work areas. the HV electrical insulating mat is manufactured of high quality dielectric elastomer rubber to provide complete protection against electrical shock due to earth faults. The insulated matting is manufactured to AS/NSZ IEC61111:2020 and IEC61111:2009. We Can supply Electrical Insulated Mats from Class 0: 1000V Class 1: 7.5KV, Class 2: 17KV, Class 3: 26.5KV and Class 4: 36KV. All our HV Insulated Mats come marked with the compliance, voltage and also class. Roll up Carry Bag for Insulated Mats (MATBAG) also available on request to suit both MATLV and MATHV

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High quality dielectric elastomer rubber.
Standard Cut Size 1000mm x 1000mm x 5mm.
Voltage 1000V-7500V-17000V-26500V-36000V.
Tagged class 0-4 depending on your application.
Regulatory mark clearly indicating the mats compliance.
Complies to AS/NZS IEC6111:2020 and IEC 61111:2009.
X-Cross technology surface.
Roll Size 5mm X 1000 X 10M.
Weight: 7.8Kg.

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