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Infinite Control 15a Double Pole (M323-14)

Infinite Control 15a (Double Pole)

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UNIVERSAL SINGLE INFINITE CONTROL SWITCH 323-14 AU45ER DUAL POLE (Shaft 15mm) SINGLE LOADSEPARATE PILOT UNIVERSAL SHAFT KIT TM32314 REPLACES THE FOLLOWING: INF-311-00 INF-313-02 INF-321-00 INF-321-01 INF-322-04 INF-323-02 INF-323-03 INF-323-06 INF-323-07 INF-323-09 INF-323-11 INF-323-12 INF-323-14 INF-323-16 INF-323-17 INF-323-18 INF-323-19 INF-324-13S1200 S1220 323.03 322.04 3070511 SUITS MODELS: ta370 66vkxr 66vkfr tsm4a cr580 cr950 cs580 cs950 cr580 cr931 cs580 cs931 55vkfr 55vkxr 55vkf s 55vkxs 55vkfr 55vkxr 55vkfs 55vkxs s605 UNIVERSAL INFINITE CONTROL SWITCH DUAL POLE 15A 323-14 3070533 M32314KS H323 3070511 H323″45er-k 323-14S GRIINF32314K Control Kit M323-14 323-14S 323-14 INF32314K ES4281 ES4410 INF32314K

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