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Telescopic Hot Stick 7.78m

The HS6 Telescopic Hot Stick 7.78M provides maximum flexibility and access for linesman needing to access electrical systems from a working distance. Its unique triangular design allows for easy operation without compromising strength and durability. The Telescopic Hot Stick has been designed to telescopically extend and retract into itself with integrated locking buttons. All sections are made from high grade electrical rated fibreglass.

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Triangular-shaped design keeps the sections aligned during extension (7.78m) and retraction (1.63m)
Push button release for stick extension and retraction.
Telescopic design allows for easy assembly, storage and transportation (3.85Kg)
Withstands voltage rating of 100kV from 30cm for 5 minutes.
Universal end fitting accepts a wide variety of standard attachments.
Highly visible yellow tip section.
Easy-to-replace sections.
Carrying bag included.
Complies with IEC 62193 safety standard.

Voltage detection.
Opening and closing switches.
Overhead switch operation.
Fuse replacement.
Lamp replacement.
Cleaning electrical fittings.
Installation of temporary clamps.

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