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Thermostat 70-290C 30a (EA3-447-08)

Thermostat 70-290C 20a

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EA3-447-08 OVEN THERMOSTAT 70-290 DEGRESS CELSIUS includes 3/16 & 1/4 SHAFT ADAPTORS & LOCK NUT MODELS: 88weo 88wef 88wkx 88wkf weo2 wef2 wx2 wkf2 55vkfr 55vkxr 55vkfs 55vkxs 55vkfr 55vkxr 5vkfs 55vkxs ueo XXGEV81 q370 qw370 r370 rw370 r81 rw ta370 t370 wdl370 xg370 R370 62400120 3060607 3060516 EA34005 S3903 EA3-315 EA34697 EA34478 EA34478K s1202a ea3-309-06 ea3-447-08 es4085 091e1974p ced017 ea34697 0541-001-084 541-1-84 ES4085 EA34478KS EA3D.309.07 EA3-447-08 EA3-437-1 EA3437 EA3-42008 EA34478KS EA3-469-07 EA346907 EA3-425-09 EA3-425-9 445062 0541777180 4.8 x 295 bulb 2250mm capillary 30AMP rp

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