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3600w – Bolt On Hotwater Element (1331XN)

Bolt On Hotwater Element – 3600w

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HOT WATER HEATING ELEMENT BOLT ON STRAIGHT INCOLOY 3600W 1331XN TA3600B 3440736CR 3107AG719 1861 SS36FB RBM36 RCM36 444000 445828 02864V 6130638 SS36BS SS36FB/S SS36FB-9 1309158 GRISS36BS1331XN, 1331XN, 1331XN, 3440736CR, 3107AG719, 1861, SS36FB, 444000, 445828, 02864V, 6130638, SS36BS, SS36FB/S, SS36FB-9, 1309158, GRISS36BS, 2436, 1331XN

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