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1300w – Grill Element Long Plate (10540L)

Grill Element (Long Plate) – 1300w

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Technika oven upper grill element 1300watts 240volts 160mm mounting plate Part number cross reference: 945511 IM12-01 10540L Model: B505TP T888MGX ELEMENT TOP OVEN 10540L 3130805 IM12-01 GLO12-01 N11700000525 945511 3130805 N1700525 1170000525IM12-01 GLO12-01 N11700000525 945511 3130805 N1700525 1170000525 81036 20.25328.000 10540L B59PT1P 945511 B59ST1P/1 T888VGX

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