Battery Bank Portable Appliance Tester:
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Battery Bank Portable Appliance Tester
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The new TnT-ELB now comes fitted with a Power Bank Charger. Power bank technology gives you greater versatility in how you use your battery power compared to the limited capabilities of the AA, AAA alkaline & re-chargeable batteries that are available in other brands of testers. Not only can you charge up your tester you also have available to you back up power for your mobile phone, GPS, camera and numerous mobile devices. The Power Bank Charger will allow you to conduct 3000 tests before you need to recharge the pack. The power bank can be re-charged from your cigarette lighter or phone charger in your car. This new TnT-ELB model comes with AC/DC power options and incorporates many of the same advanced features found in the range of TnT and TnP series of testers manufactured by Wavecom right here in Australia.

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